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e-Postman provides the ultimate in hybrid mail solutions into Her Majesty's Prison Services. This service allows families and friends to easily stay in contact with those who have been incarcerated. It provides an efficient and cost effective way to send letters to the person you know - and for them to be able to quickly reply to you.

Send letters now!

You can start using this website to send letters now. All you need to do is register to create your own account and then buy some credits to start sending letters. Each letter costs one token to send. You can also use a credits to send a Free-Reply Code which allows the recipient to reply to you without having to pay!

The benefit of e-postman

There are several benefits using the e-Postman system. Some of them include:
  • The cost of sending a letter is cheaper than the current postal system
  • A letter you sent today could be in the recipients hands on the same day
  • If they reply, that could be with you on the same day too!
  Now that you're here, if you're wondering "what now?", then click here for a step by step guide on what to do next. This will open in a new window so that you can reference this guide as you progress.  

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In order to send messages, you need to create an account and then buy credits to send letters. To do this you must register here - and then you will need a PayPal account to purchase the credits. A PayPal account is free to create and you can do it by clicking here. If you have registered then just login above or go to the login page to login.