Buy CREDITS to send letters!

Sending a letter into a prison costs 30p. You buy a number of credits and use them to send letter.


£ 5

  • Entry level
  • Send approximately 16 letters


£ 10

  • Popular purchase
  • Send approximately 33 letters


£ 20

  • Get an extra 70 credits free with your purchase for a total of 2070 Credits
  • Send approximately 69 letters


£ 50

  • Get an extra 340 credits free with your purchase for a total of 5340 Credits
  • Send approximately 178 letters

Frequently Asked Questions

You need an account and to be logged into that account to purchase credits. When you are logged in to your account then you will have a menu button for “Credits” under which you will find a link to “Buy Credits”
No, you can send as many letters as you wish (and that you have credits to pay for). That said, the way that e-Postman enables letters to be sent both in and out of the prison does allow you to have conversations with the person you’re corresponding with – so you shouldn’t have to wait long to get a reply.
When you do a credit card transaction to buy credits, we do not store your credit card details on our system. You are passed to a payment gateway to perform the transaction and we do not store your credit card details for reuse or for history.
Free reply codes are a mechanism that allows you to send a prepaid return letter to your recipient. This way, when they get your letter, they can reply to it at no cost to them. To add a free reply, you just write your letter and on the review page (just before you actually send your letter) there is a checkbox that allows you to add a free reply code. The cost of the free reply code is deducted from your credit balance along with the letter charge.

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